Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Joy Division Limited Edition Zune (!!!!)

Is there any point in asking what Microsoft were thinking when they came up with this shite idea?

It might interest them to know the origin of the band's name. Would they still be pulling this deluded marketing stunt if they knew this before hand?

I'm surprised MS haven't heard from the ZioNazis (ADL, AIPAC, Abe Foxman etc.) about this and been slapped on the wrist...

Apart from that, Joy Division are hardly a likely choice for this purpose. Much as I liked them at the time - and still do on occasion, I don't think I would want to associate my music player with the gloomy, suicidal isolation of Joy Division's music - particularly not the ultra miserable and horribly produced by Martin Hannett 'Unknown Pleasures' album.

Stuff like this just baffles me.

I can only hope someone will reveal that it is a hoax!

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