Sunday, April 27, 2008

Derek Sivers of CD Baby sounds off on piracy

Derek Sivers sounds off on Piracy and gets it right in my opinion - he even manages to be funny about it!

"More people are killed by pigs than sharks each year, but because shark attacks are more newsworthy, they seem more prevalent. Piracy gets all the attention, but I don’t think most of you in this room have lost more than $30 to piracy.” (I got a big “Booo” from the audience for this.) “Obscurity is your real enemy. Fight obscurity until you’re a household name, then piracy will be more of a problem than obscurity. Until then, worry about pigs, not sharks.”

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I just had a thought about this. Derek makes the unfortunate use of the 'household name' thing implying that that is what one should be about. Wrong! Make yourself known, but to the people who want to know about you. Isn't the world in general sick and tired of pathetic creatures with no talent at all and all of the money backing to make them household names? Derek is rather conservative it appears. But at least he is willing to change. I'm not partial, but piracy is indeed here to stay and unless something better is offered, the music industry will fade. Not a problem for me. I'm just one of those fools who does it because he loves it...

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