Friday, August 3, 2012

ACEtone Studio presents: Big Shiny "Trans Port"

The other face of ACEtone Studio...a collection of electronic tracks.

Available now from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, EMusic, etc.
Best price for a limited time (only $5.99 for full album):
Trans Port
Free bonus track here:
Plasma Rock
Good to get this out there. Not all as I had hoped, but some strong tracks that I will stand by for many years.

Don't forget the least listened to ever album:

Kratzen für das Ebenleben

If bored just visit the ACEtone Studio site. Why not?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

ACEtone Studio remix of More Love Less Corruption by Love Avalanche and MC BenJammin

"Earlier this year UWR (Urban World Records) had a remix competition to win a spot on our Global Bass series. Over 30 remixes came in and it was a hard task reducing it to a few on this EP.

We are proud to included the following artist on this release. ACEtone Studio made a splendid roots dub version..."

Previews and release information here