Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Review from Deutchland!

Much respect to my dear friend and occasional Big Shiny vocalist midsch for his review.

It is indeed a good feeling to know this release is being so warmly and enthusiastically received in so many places...Minnesota, China, France, Canada, England, Germany...

yea...humbled, warm and fuzzy...

Friday, November 21, 2008

WNYU Radio: 'Dub...Phrase not Found'

Looks like I'm living in the wrong town when New York University Radio's programme schedule does not include even one mention of the word 'Dub'! See very bottom of pic.

I just sent the program(me) director there a copy of 'Every Spoil A Dub' so I hope it doesn't confuse him/her too much! I'm sure someone on WNYU is playing some Reggae or Dub...just hope the CD reaches the right pair of ears.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

'Every Spoil A Dub' now available at!

OK, so now Amazon has the mp3s available for download - thankfully no longer 'discontinued'!

So go on and buy a few tracks! Or the whole album, or even all three albums!

Every Spoil a Dub at Amazon

Monday, November 17, 2008

'Love and Justice Dub' & 'Disunity Dub' on French Radio

Just received a package from Prince Thierry containing a CD of the 11/11/08 Dancehall Style radio show on Radio Mega in Bourg-Les-Valence, France.
You might be able to listen to a stream of this show - or some other one - (doesn't seem to work for me) here:

Anyway, here's the playlist. A couple of familiar tracks in the first two slots:

  1. Eating Betty - Love and Justice Dub
  2. Eating Betty - Disunity Dub
  3. Zion UK - So Hard
  4. Cocoa T - Barack Obama
  5. Mykal Rose - This is History
  6. Mavado - We Want Barack
  7. Perfect - 30 Pieces
  8. Perfect - Pedal and Push
  9. Clement Irie - Rebel
  10. Jah Weise/Singing Bayley - The Legendary Bob Marley
  11. Benaissa - Voodoo
  12. Benaissa - Coco Nut Water
  13. Sahra Indio - Ital Medi
  14. Various Artists - Morning Riddim Mix
  15. Benjammin - Mexican Bean
  16. Ranking Joe - How You Bad So
  17. Brother Culture - Talk to the People
  18. Ed Rome - The Way In, The Way Out
  19. Ft. Soom T. - Do You Really Know
  20. Cocoa T - Raw Moon
Big Up Prince Thierry for including Eating Betty on the show!

Eating Betty 'Every Spoil A Dub' now available from iTunes

That didn't take long at all - and here's the link:
Every Spoil A Dub - iTunes

So if iTunes is your preferred download service please buy the new album!

No sign of it being available on Amazon, a quick search shows that they still think it is 'discontinued'. See previous post on this.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dub Echoes gaining wide acclaim

I posted in March 2008 about this very interesting looking film on the subject of - what else? - but DUB. Looks like it is gaining traction and a DVD is due out in January. Can't wait to see it!

They also have a few new clips and entries about the various screenings thus far...

Still want to see Deep Roots, but it is very hard to get. Anyone know a way?

Dear Amazon, ACEtone Studio begs to differ!

Just thought I'd search to see if 'Every Spoil a Dub' has appeared on Amazon yet and here is what I found: Amazon clearly knows the album exists but until it get the tracks up on their download system it appears to be defaulting to this mindless search result. But this is just too much wrong information! Why not just 'currently unavailable on this website' or something less final sounding!
Who ever wrote that bit of code is a bumba clat!

ACEtone Studio can assure you that 'Every Spoil A Dub' is very much NOT 'discontinued' and is absolutely, undeniably available at:

Here is an extract from the very gratifying review (posted on by the great Dr. Strangedub (WKAI FM):

"Wow...what can you say? With the release of the 3rd Eating Betty album "Every Spoil A Dub" the bar has been raised again. Once again the sound is heavy-bottom dub with some rootical flavors, but in tradition of Tubby, Perry, Scientist and others, its the "chemist's" unique studio touch which makes this release standout... Like the often used, but still fitting analogy, it's like peeling the layers of an onion. There is not a single disappointing dub here... "

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Claymation philosophy?

This is worth a look any time but certainly in these times:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eating Betty - new release - 'Every Spoil A Dub'

Here is the official announcement of the release of the new CD:

Dear Dub friends worldwide,

ACEtone Studio is pleased to announce the release of the new Dub collection

'Every Spoil A Dub'

featuring 11 tracks of pure unadulterated bass bin busting Dub.

CDs and full album 200kbps mp3 downloads are immediately available at:
(digital downloads from various online services - iTunes, Amazon, Napster, EMusic etc. - will also be available in the coming weeks) turn it up and let the walls crumble and the oppressors tumble...
and if you like what you hear, check 'Eating Betty In Dub' and 'Reverbalism' by Eating Betty also available from