Wednesday, January 9, 2008

First Post (heavily edited and revised)

Let someone else do the work! A few days trying to make my own blog template has convinced me that my time and abilities would be better utilized writing rubbish on a hosted blog...I'm a musician Jim, not a code monkey!
I'll write something intensely meaningful when the mood is right...there will be a lot of ellipses...

OK, now before I start kicking myself. Blogger is not fully functional when using Safari as I tend to do by default. The insert link and blockquote and add video functions do not all!

Now to try to enter a link. How about this page for laughs?
If Diebold advertised honestly

It works! So all you Mac users out there, be sure to use Firefox, not Safari to get full functionality.

Now on to another post...

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Anonymous said...

yeah right!