Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dubbing Too Hard?

Working on a track this week which is totally based on the Seeds 'Pushin' Too Hard', a track I like a lot and have for many years. It is not reggae or dub. Big surprise. I like all sorts of things, but most of the things I like are honest, straightforward direct things. I have little patience these past several years for works of art (of whatever kind) that ask you to watch, listen, observe, contemplate and take the experience away with you to digest in your book 'n' art lined study. Don't f**king have one thank you very much. Rather I would listen and be directly confronted. This is what it is. This Seeds song is a real classic that bounces around my head and so this week it bounced back in again and was suddenly cover version material.

Part of the fascination with the idea of doing a dub version of 'Pushin' Too Hard' for me was the fact that I had done a couple of recent mixes that were just too hard, too loud. The mixes didn't suit the melodic softer nature of the tracks. So, naturally I thought I should do a Dub of something hard. Listening to 'Pushin...' it's not really hard in most ways, but it is driving and relentless for all of it's 2 minutes plus. It's an edgy track. Angular is a word that comes to mind but that must be something from earlier today. It's a great song in many ways, but it is really a teen song about a boy wanting to do his thang and not have a girl tie him down. But the fact that he is so passionate about it brings it loosely into the realm of a freedom song. I will not reproduce lyrics here and hope nobody would bother to mess with me for honouring the song with a cover version (of sorts). Let's see how it pans out... so Dubbin' too Hard...

UPDATE: Here it is: Dubbin 2 Hard

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