Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ACEtone ALLstars go commercial (sort of)

The number of downloads of such tracks as the Dub Canon was sufficient for me to ask myself if I should not be charging money for it and the others: Fine loose jammed dubby tracks recorded live at 6/8 Studio and mixed at ACEtone Studio to a point of DUB righteousness. Why not? But then I thought - maybe the downloads will dry up. They serve promotional purposes don't they? He says weakly...

So I just offered the choice. Either download for free or pay for it.

Go on, buy a track and tip the me a cup of coffee...for spending hours on the beautiful things...

I'm already owed $104 by the original and the current one wants to know nothing about it. Can you imagine that multiplied by 100,000 artists? er, maybe that was 10 million virtual dollars debt that Vivendi bought (or was it they who were bought out? Can't remember) and no artist ever saw a penny. I'm just hoping the 'new way' is more responsible.

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