Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mangled Web stuff

this is funny
scroll down, read the comments (by the way, I have no idea who these people are hosting my music-doubt I'll ever see a penny)
and this is too
again scroll down to the comments -a sample of the bottish bullshit:
"Admirable music, special sound of the Eating Betty will not leave you calm. Have the following Black Noise dub and have a rest"
It gives me a nice warm feeling reading these fake comments because I'm a sucker for anything positive said about these musical efforts of mine. But I love the total contradiction. Black Noise Dub apparently requires you to be somewhat disturbed and have a rest. Perhaps it is not all at the same time - so freak out when listening and then lie down and hug a pillow and suck your thumb for comfort after that terrible musical assault. I just wish i knew how this automated shit is generated...definitely gave me a laugh...
Though fate decreed otherwise, I was not born in Jamaica; others (it's a slow load) however would beg to differ. I have no problem with this at all and it is amusing (and gratifying) for it to be thought that my music is JA originated.
Always interesting to find mangled stuff...
Compiled by foreign language bots no doubt in the first two, the third one...who knows. Presumption perhaps...

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