Friday, February 1, 2008

The Futility of Blogging?

I have wrestled with this for quite some time but after hosting my own somewhat popular website for a couple of years I decided to hell with it - blog and be damned! It's not as if anyone reads the stuff anyway. But certainly, having done some random blog viewing just a few minutes ago the notions of relevance and inherent worth come into question. Can a person's personal blog about the birth of their child for example, transcend the status of diary writing and be worthwhile to a wider readership? Well, I'm absolutely not one of those baby diary readers, though if you put a road sign, or bus schedule in front of me I will read it as I read anything there is to read whether I like it or not. Put it out of sight and I can happily forget about it...

I am perhaps old fashioned or overly cautious, but I consider posting personal information and pictures on the internet foolish and generally embarrassing.

Is this worthwhile? It doesn't really matter to me if anyone reads it or not. But I would hope that some of the topics and opinions would be considered relevant...not foolish or embarrassing!

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Tom Whitwell said...

If you want some readers, you have to go out and find them, one by one... Like you found me!