Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Age of Golden Dub new single release

At last, after a long dry period a new release from ACEtone Studio. Perhaps a harbinger of an album of new dub to come in 2011? Hope so.

The track is 'Age of Golden Dub' and is available right now from iTunes, Amazon, EMusic and all of the rest...and it is goooood!

This track is the result of a collaboration of Eating Betty and Nuphlo (his version 'Golden Age Dub available soon) and draws together the diverse influences of both artists to create a new and different Dub experience.

Cornelius says: "Great dub. Perfect blend of roots and spaciness"

Dr. Strangedub says: I played the Age of Golden Dub / Golden Age Dub (Nuplo mix) back-to-back in the midst of my Christmas in Dub special. A very cool sidetrip....and diversion from the Xmas music...What a fantastic dubwise meeting of East and West!...A dubby, psychedelic trip.

Scratch Radio says: Awesome! <- And I don’t use that word much. That’s a fantastic dub...Cheers to you and Nuphlo.

And doubtless more accolades to come.

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