Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Every Spoil a Dub review on

I've long been of the opinion that Dub music is truly timeless so I'm well pleased that 'Every Spoil A Dub' still has a life of its own more than a year after release into the wild and can even attract a new review every once in a while.
See Tom Orr's recent excellent and humbling review in the Jammin' Reggae Archives on Nice Up dot com
There is even honourable mention of the venerable Reverbalism...
Very positive, very gratifying...might inspire me to revisit the current batch of tunes destined for dubification.

If you've a head and heart for dub, you'll want both discs in order to properly rejoice in the fact that dub of this sort is still being made. And superbly, at that - Tom Orr
Thank you Tom!

And you can buy Eating Betty releases 'Every Spoil A Dub', 'Reverbalism' and 'Eating Betty In Dub' in any and all of these places:
iTunes - just look in the olde shoppe
CD Baby
Napster, e-Music, CD Connection, Wal-Mart(!) - anywhere and everywhere music is sold, CD or download.
I recommend buying from CD Baby because they are good people...

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