Thursday, October 16, 2008

Every Spoil A Dub is indeed finished and ready for release

Doubtless, the world has waited with baited breath in anticipation of the new Eating Betty release and this one will not disappoint. It has it all. It even has some nice singing on it.
The cover design is as previously posted - the design department insisted it was good enough so I had to capitulate. There is more to do than agonize over silly album art. I absolutely can empathize with a musician trying to get the best possible mix for a track or the best possible guitar, bass or whatever part, but I have a hard time slowing down for tortured designers (including myself!).

While musicians may have been justifiably elevated from the status of mere juke joint entertainers and jingle manglers in the last half of the 20th century, the similar trajectory of graphic designers in that same time period is somewhat baffling to me, though I can see the logic in certain circumstances...but then there are many musicians who do not at all deserve their fame and fortune.

It is a funny old world and clearly the hustle and the flim flam are as much a part of it as ever they were.

Every Spoil A Dub is quite apart from all of that. A collection of tracks produced almost in isolation but with complete awareness of the world and the current affairs therein. This awareness, may or may not be evident. No way for me to tell.

Musically it is just a good heaping helping of DUB.

Perhaps the long awaited Buddy Hell and the Bleeders album will be next for release.


Anonymous said...

Why am I just finding out about this now!? Just downloaded...can't wait to....CHECK IT!!

ACEtone Studio said...

Dear Cornelius,

I'm absolutely sure you are on my mailing list, but maybe your e-mail address has changed.
Send me an e-mail at whatever address you have for me so I can get you back on to the list with an up to date address. Unless you don't want to of course!
Really happy to hear you found the new release. It's a good one I think.
Also don't forget to check for free tracks at
Hope all is well with you...