Sunday, August 17, 2008

These people are offering ringtones of the ACEtone Allstars - I don't think they should be doing this - even in the unlikely event that someone might want to pay for such a ringtone - how are they going to pay ACEtone Records? I have no agreement with them that I'm aware of but in these days of digital distribution it is possible that I overlooked their name in some agreement I made.
Being a 'beta' and pretty new it appears I have no aggreement with them about these ringtones for sale...

The ALLstars tracks are not yet with CDBaby or iTunes so I really have no idea how they think they are entitled to sell ringtones.

Note the fact that there is no way of contacting by e-mail and I don't think I really want to call here * to contest what is in principle important, but in the case of ACEtone Records, insignificant:

*Farbod Tojarieh
Copyright Agent
Project Playlist, Inc.
9300 Wilshire Blvd.,
Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Or send a fax to the following address:

ATTN: Project Playlist Inc., Copyright Agent

Or by Phone:


I expect/suspect Farbod is not only the 'copyright agent' (whatever the f**k that means) but the webmaster and chief bottle washer too - the general factotum - the grand poobah of

The little that this bothers me is more because of the other good people playing on these tracks besides myself who might rightfully find fault with unauthorized ringtones of their musical efforts FOR SALE - when they have happily acquiesced to giving full tracks away for free at my instigation. Not quite right is it? Another skewed picture...

If Farbod would like to explain, I would be happy to hear from him.


Anonymous said... sells ringtones through a partner dada or thumbplay. doesn't sell any ringtones directly. if thumbplay or dada don't have any ringtones from your band, they are offered a generic ringtone subscription.

ACEtone Studio said...

well anonymouse.
Please remove the ACEtone ALLstars from your for sale items.
ACEtone does not know dada or thumbplay either

Rico said...

I think what is happening is has a "Get Ringtone" button on EVERY song... Even if Dada or Thumbplay don't have the songs. See, if you do a search on for "Akon" click on the "Get Ringtone" button and it will actually have a selection of songs that you can get as ringtones. If you do a search for Acetone Allstars, the music comes up but if you click on "Get Ringtones" it only gives the user the ability to sign up for the program... Shady way of getting people to sign up thinking they can "download" Acetone Allstars ringtones once they sign up but none the less, I doubt Dada and Thumbplay are really pirating ringtones of yours. Hope that explanation helps with some of your concerns!